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Crown Lifting, Reduction and Thinning

Crown Lifting


Crown lifting is the removal of the lowest branches, and / or preparing the lower branches for future removal. This is carried out to increase the overall ground clearance of the lowest branches. Often this is carried out above footpaths and public areas. 

Crown Reduction

A typical crown reduction is carried out to reduce the overall size and spread of the crown. It is carried out to the foliage bearing portions of the tree. We aim to maintain the tree's natural shape where possible. 

Crown Thinning

A typical crown thin is carried out to reduce the overall density of the crown. The aim is to let more light through the tree, reduce wind resistance and weight. 

Enquire below about our services here in Cumbria. We are happy to provide a no-obligation quote for this and our other professional capabilities including tree felling; hedge pruning and maintenance; tree planting and formative pruning; stump grinding and removal and on site processing (including chipping, logging for firewood or disposal).

We work throughout Cumbria, and are based in Whitehaven, near Egremont, Workington and Cockermouth. 

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